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Advanced Meter Infrastructure: Composite Technologies to Meet New Demands in Sales and Customer Service
Traditionally, utilities have leveraged robust meter, network, and customer service infrastructures. These technologies served the needs of largely regulated

applied industrial technologies  of technology to be applied to metering and customer service infrastructures is known as advanced meter infrastructure (AMI) . Widely seen as a disruptive technology, AMI can be described as a set of inter - disciplinary composite-application technologies consuming enterprise services that are exposed by a process-centric data exchange infrastructure for two-way communication between metering systems and enterprise applications within and beyond company boundaries. Although AMI impacts asset and Read More
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » applied industrial technologies

Intentia Braces For Its Ongoing Roller-Coaster Ride Part 2: Challenges and User Recommendations
To continue to expand beyond its European roots and succeed in other markets, Intentia must continue to focus on marketing and sales, both direct and indirect

applied industrial technologies  same mindset cannot be applied in other markets worldwide, where any CIO is overwhelmed with the hype from several dozen vendors and will only be aware of Intentia through some meaningful channel. The similar initial situation existed, until recently, for another Swedish vendor, IFS. However, IFS recently launched an aggressive marketing campaign and struck well thought out product and/or system integration alliances that are attuned with the local markets, which, when bundled with a slick product seems t Read More
PTC Embarks on Internet of Things Journey via ThingWorx Acquisition
PTC ended 2013 by announcing it had acquired ThingWorx, creators of a platform for building and running applications for the Internet of Things (IoT), for

applied industrial technologies  This could potentially be applied to the pharma grey market counterfeiting issues with the ability to track the repackaging of products.   The IoT may not be as significant in manufacturing because production monitoring (both the operations of machines and things being manufactured in production lines) via programmable logic control (PLC) is quite mature in MES. Still, due to environmental issues in some production environments, more sensors could be included in the equipment. Smartphones could use near Read More
Supply Chain Management Systems for Service and Replacement Parts: Players, Benefits, and User Recommendations
Improved service management boosts revenue from both service offerings and new product sales, while improved customer service and enhanced offerings increase

applied industrial technologies  Still, both vendors have applied their solutions to other industries that have to deal with expensive, low-volume service parts requirements, like telecommunications, industrial equipment, and high-tech/commercial electronics. Although i2 has Southwest Airlines as its marquee A&D customer, i2 has focused more on industries with somewhat higher-volume and complex supply chains, such as segments of the telecommunications and commercial electronics industry, as well as automotive parts. This similarly holds Read More
CEVA Logistics Selects IBM SmartCloud
Market conditions are driving requirements for visibility and control across global operations and supply chains, as witnessed by a number of recent E2open wins

applied industrial technologies  This same approach is applied to CEVA customers in the consumer and retail, healthcare and pharmaceutical, industrial, and technology sectors. If there’s demand for a new part, such as a new type of memory chip for a smart phone or tablet computing device, customers like Apple can change to a different factory or supplier to deliver that new part quicker. To support and manage its customers' global supply chains, CEVA has developed CEVA Matrix Connect, which automates the flow of information to Read More
CenturyLink Technologies

applied industrial technologies   Read More
YASU Technologies
YASU Technologies is a leading vendor of BRMS. It is headquartered in Hyderabad, India and has a sales office in Santa Clara, US. Rated 178th in the Technology

applied industrial technologies   Read More
Miro Technologies

applied industrial technologies   Read More
Genesis Global Technologies
Genesis Global Technologies (formerly known as Genesis Computer Solutions) is a Microsoft certified partner, dedicated to developing and providing technology

applied industrial technologies  Genesis,Genesis Advantage Read More
Concert Technologies
Concert Technologies is the technology rollout leader in the accelerated deployment of nationwide and global multi-site, multi-service, multi-technology

applied industrial technologies   Read More
RightNow Technologies
RightNow Technologies (NASDAQ: RNOW) is leading the industry beyond CRM to high-impact Customer Experience Management solutions. Approximately 1,800 companies

applied industrial technologies   Read More
Solix Technologies, Inc

applied industrial technologies  ARCHIVE, Implementation, Managed, Migrate, Oracle, Uprgade,ERP Read More
Equation Technologies
Equation Technologies is a value-added reseller (VAR) of integrated business management solutions for midsize companies, serving more than 200 customers with a

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i2 Technologies Garners Semiconductor Award
DALLAS, Texas -- i2 Technologies (Nasdaq: ITWO), the leading provider of intelligent eBusiness solutions, today was awarded top honors from Semiconductor

applied industrial technologies  semiconductor job,supply chain companies,semi conductor companies,supply chain optimization software,semiconductor jobs,supply chain software,high tech supply chain,wafer fabrication,semi conductor industry,supply chain program,supply chain company,supply chain management companies,supply chain visibility,semiconductor solar,supply chain planning Read More
Blue Lane Technologies, Inc

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