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Competuition: Teach Competition to Your Procurement Process
High-profile corporate scandal has resulted in laws such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, to monitor business practices. To help safeguard against unethical practices during procurement, entities are also adopting elements from the US Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR).

NEGOTIATED: called sealed bids ; negotiated procurement , relying on competitive proposals ; and two-step sealed bidding , a combination of bidding and negotiating. Sealed Bidding (Sealed Bids) Sealed bidding is a procurement method used when the best value is expected to result from a selection of the lowest evaluated priced offer. It relies on a solicitation document called invitation for bids (IFB) (also known as invitation to bid [ITB], or invitation to tender [ITT]) and involves the following steps: Preparation

EAI Vendor Extricity Teams with Moai to Automate E-Commerce Systems
Enterprise Application Integration vendor Extricity announced a business-to-business alliance with Moai Technologies, Inc., to provide a full-range of automated e-commerce systems. Moai’s Dynamic Commerce Markup Language (DCML) is an XML-standard compliant language for dynamic commerce markets, and combined with Extricity’s B2B platform, the vendors hope to better integrate e-commerce business processes.

NEGOTIATED: Inc., a provider of negotiated e-commerce solutions, announced it has entered into a partnership with Extricity, Inc. to provide a single, complete interface, automating a full range of e-commerce systems. Extricity provides a family of business-to-business (B2B) software solutions, which are designed to simplify e-commerce automation and management. By integrating Moai s Dynamic Commerce Markup Language (DCML), an XML standard for Dynamic Commerce markets, with Extricity s B2B platform, net market

Rich Internet Applications (RIA): Opportunities and Challenges for Enterprises
Rich Internet Applications (RIA): Opportunities and Challenges for Enterprises. Read RFP Templates and Other Software to Define Your Decision Related to Rich Internet Applications (RIA). Rich Internet applications (RIAs) represent the next wave in the evolution of web applications, as they promise the richness, interactivity, and usability lacking in many of today’s web applications. However, as with any technological innovation, with the new opportunities come new challenges to be negotiated. What are the business benefits of adopting RIA, and what are the risks?

NEGOTIATED: new challenges to be negotiated. What are the business benefits of adopting RIA, and what are the risks? Rich Internet Applications (RIA): Opportunities and Challenges for Enterprises style= border-width:0px; />   comments powered by Disqus Related Topics:   Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Related Industries:   Internet Publishing and Broadcasting Source: Infosys Technologies Learn more about Infosys Technologies Readers who downloaded this white paper also read these popular documents!
2/13/2007 4:42:00 PM

Negotiating the Best Software Deal
TechnologyEvaluation.COM analysts have separated the software negotiation process into three discrete categories. All three are critical individually, yet should always be pursued within the context of the larger discussion.

NEGOTIATED: in the volume discount negotiated in the initial acquisition price. Negotiate multiyear contracts for a percentage discount. In general, organizations should expect a five to fifteen percent discount off the final discounted price. Never mix a multiyear discount in with a volume discount. Both should be negotiated separately and subtracted from the original price. Ensure that all pricing is done in one currency (preferably US dollars) and no price increases are applied for licenses used in other

Yet Another ERP/CRM Partnership
Solomon Software Inc., a leading provider of mid-market financial and business management systems, and SalesLogix, a leading provider of electronic customer relationship management (eCRM), have signed a five-year, multi-million dollar OEM software arrangement.

NEGOTIATED: applications components now at negotiated license fees, in expectation of Solomon s future product introductions. When Solomon is included in the selection process, be wary of possible product integration glitches. Potential clients should also conduct preliminary research on industry expertise and reference sites of a regional Solomon value added reseller (VAR). Solomon distributors offer vertical solutions on an opportunity-by-opportunity basis only, which we find insufficient to satisfy the stringent

Ross Systems Ends Year On a Sour Note and Braces Itself For Survivor’s Game
Ross Systems’ transition from ERP to e-commerce has been a harrowing experience during the last 18 months. On September 14, the company announced yet another disappointing annual report and a consequential radical restructuring.

NEGOTIATED: applications components now (at negotiated license fees). Due caution should be exercised and a watchful eye should be kept at the company s future financial performance.

UNIT4: The (Largely) Untold Story – Part 2 » The TEC Blog
that have been poorly negotiated, etc. The CODA system is already installed at about 30 percent of the UK’s top retail market, and is aggressively penetrating new markets. The following four key features headline the 11.3 release: Dual line level and quantity invoice matching – enabling organizations to record, track and report on bills via alternate input formats Group level balancing – a key capability for extremely high-volume invoice matching Personalized customization capabilities –

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Navision Executes At a Slower Pace
In September, Navision Software released its annual report for fiscal 2000, which ended on June 30, 2000. The company continued to increase its market share and product offerings while remaining constantly profitable. However, the net income has declined 25% compared to fiscal 1999.

NEGOTIATED: applications components now at negotiated license fees, in expectation of Navision s future product introductions. Potential clients, particularly those outside Europe and the United States should also conduct preliminary research on the industry expertise of a regional Navision Solution Center (NSC), and speak with its reference clients. As for the new added CRM functionality through the partnership with Siebel, users are advised to ask for firm assurances on the availability and timeframes for future

Business Objects Objects Again
In a repeat of the Brio lawsuit of 1999, Business Objects has now sued Cognos over a U.S. patent that Business Objects holds for a query technology. Cognos says the suit is “invalid and unenforceable”, but it cost Brio $10 million.

NEGOTIATED: areas. Prices should be negotiated early in the process in case Cognos increases its price points due to the need to pay for litigation and damages in this suit, although this event is fairly unlikely. BEGINLYX?

A Couple of Five Procurement Commandments in a Down Economy » The TEC Blog
contracts.  Whether it’s enforcing negotiated pricing, realizing quantity discounts or ensuring quality standards and associated penalties and discounts, contract compliance becomes even more essential in a recessionary environment. Furthermore, experts say that companies should target certain contracts for re-negotiations in an economic downturn, noting that key suppliers may be more willing to re-negotiate than perceived.  Technology can play an important role in helping companies’ link contract

NEGOTIATED: ariba, emptoris, epicor srm, procurement, SCM, sourcing, spend management, srm, supplier relationship management, supply chain, TEC, Technology Evaluation, Technology Evaluation Centers, Technology Evaluation Centers Inc., blog, analyst, enterprise software, decision support.

Addressing Channels and the Low-End Market
Microsoft announced plans to increase resources and provide new tools and offerings for MBS independent software vendors (ISV) and value-added resellers (VAR). These efforts are designed to accelerate the MBS Group's partner-driven vertical strategy, providing stronger opportunities for partners to align their services and solutions with their customers' specific needs. Microsoft has to be in the small business market, which is a springboard or a feeding ground for more scalable products as these businesses grow over time.

NEGOTIATED: pass along significantly lower negotiated rates for products and services critical to partner success. Sage recently added seventeen new offerings such as wireless and teleconferencing phone services, trade show booth rentals, leasing, advertising, web site development, shipping, and hardware purchases. The Low-End Endeavors As for the not-to-be-neglected low-end of the market, Microsoft has been ramping up the marketing campaign for the upcoming Microsoft Office Small Business Accounting product, which

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