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 negotiations cessna

What if Companies Could Use Science to Align Prices to Market and Maximize Margins?
Zilliant, a data-driven, price management software provider, aims to enable business-to-business companies to optimize revenue and margins through decision

negotiations cessna  pricing operations and sales negotiations with math, science, and data is a new concept for many, it forms the core of Zilliant's value proposition. The vendor aims to help B2B companies improve aspects of pricing, namely, price segmentation, analysis, setting (optimization), and deal execution. Zilliant's offerings provide the marketing, sales, and price operations with the quantitative insights and guidance companies need to achieve the best pricing possible on every deal. To that end, Zilliant's

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Software Functionality Revealed in Detail

We’ve opened the hood on every major category of enterprise software. Learn about thousands of features and functions, and how enterprise software really works.

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Visit the TEC store to compare leading software by functionality, so that you can make accurate and informed software purchasing decisions.

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Harbor Industries Selects abas-ERP

Harbor Industries, a designer and producer of retail displays, fixtures, and digital media solutions, selects abas-ERP. Find out why in P.J.'s post.

negotiations cessna  and continue evaluations and negotiations from there. As has been the case of late, the final decision was between Epicor ERP and another vendor, abas-ERP in this case. Read More

Why Selecting Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software Is Like Planning Your Wedding

I never thought I’d ever make an analogy such as this, but as we head into spring (the season of change—and love in bloom), I figured, "what the heck"… When you really think about it, selecting ERP software does have many similarities to planning a wedding—right down to the uncertainty of whether or not you’ve chosen the right solution or, in the case of your wedding, partner to spend a

negotiations cessna  implementation Now that the negotiations are over and you've gotten executive approval, it’s time to get ready for the implementation. Think of this as “moving in together”. After all the time, effort—and money—spent on your software selection project, it’s time for the real test. How will it go? Will your new ERP solution work out? Do you feel you’ve chosen wisely? Installation and configuration (or migration) Setting up house as a newlywed can be lots of fun, but it definitely has its Read More

Stalled Oracle Fumbling For A Jump-Start Kit Part 1: Recent Events

While Oracle's declining revenue and profit continue across main businesses, SAP and Siebel have been extending their leads in respective enterprise application markets, while PeopleSoft has been anticipating turning on the overtaking flashing indicators.

negotiations cessna  with regulatory guidelines. Contract negotiations are streamlined and improved forecasting augments up-sell and cross-sell opportunities. Oracle Contracts Intelligence provides executives with Daily Business Close information by converting transactional data into key business metrics, enabling executives to manage by facts. Companies using Oracle Contracts Intelligence can increase the accuracy of their business decisions and make more precise revenue forecasts based on up-to-the-minute, global Read More

Maintenance Software--How to Negotiate Successful Contracts with CMMS Vendors

When negotiating a contract with a computer maintenance management system (CMMS) vendor the guiding principals and definition of the project must first be determined. Deliverables, pricing options, payment terms, continuance, product and service quality, and liabilities are additional areas that must be considered in negotiations.

negotiations cessna  must be considered in negotiations. Many people find negotiating contracts intimidating, regardless of which side of the table you happen to be on. This is understandable given what's at stake — a price, quality of product and service to be provided, and a long-term relationship. As a result, some companies prefer to retain a lawyer, accountant or consultant to help them through the process. The following are some key elements found in a typical contract with a CMMS vendor. This by no means, however, Read More

Winner Takes All - Siebel Ousts SalesLogix From Solomon’s Deal

Much sooner than its ERP counterparts had done it in their respective market, Siebel has been making a big push into the CRM mid-market with the introduction of eBusiness 2000 MidMarket Edition. Solomon Software, a division of Great Plains, is another in its string of recently announced notable product alliances.

negotiations cessna  use for leverage during negotiations. Each component should be put through its paces using a well-documented set of requirements, scripted scenario demonstrations and rigorous reference checking. Despite promised tight integration of Siebel product in a foreseeable future, the company maintains its openness and interconnectivity to other products, which is one more incentive for considering all viable candidates. As for potential users, we generally recommend including Great Plains and Solomon in a long Read More

Justification of ERP Investments Part 1: Quantifiable Benefits from an ERP System

Studies that surveyed manufacturers about the impact of ERP systems on firm performance indicate that company size and industry do not affect the results. Benefits have been indicated for large and small firms, whether they make standard or custom products or are in discrete or process manufacturing environments. This section explains the quantifiable benefits in terms of several areas of improvement. Reprinted from Maximizing Your ERP System by Dr. Scott Hamilton.

negotiations cessna  lead to better vendor negotiations for prices, typically resulting in cost reductions of 5 percent or better. Valid schedules permit purchasing people to focus on vendor negotiations and quality improvement rather than on expediting shortages and getting material at premium prices. ERP systems provide negotiation information, such as projected material requirements by commodity group and vendor performance statistics. Giving suppliers better visibility of future requirements helps them achieve Read More

Retained IT Staff: On e Size Doesn’t Fit All Models

Retaining good IT staff for clients is no easy task. They face issues regarding competitive rates, contracts, benefits, liabilities, and more. So how do companies determine if they have the right model of retained staff? Or how much of a firm’s IT should be outsourced? What are the typical billing models used by service providers? Get help with these and other questions, addressed from the service provider’s perspective.

negotiations cessna  or Statement of Work negotiations. There should be a time period of up to six months during which the management of the entity whose functions are outsourced should review the SLA metrics. This will help determine if what is being measured is meaningful and if it demonstrates realized benefits. During the break in period gathered measurements will provide a baseline against which future performance will be measured. Billing methods for applications support work As mentioned, there are various ways to Read More

Infinium Putting its Cards on the Table

On April 20, Infinium Software, a provider of Web-based enterprise solutions and services, announced that it introduced many significant new offerings at Infinium World 2000, held at the MGM Grand Resort in Las Vegas.

negotiations cessna  aware that some alliance negotiations are in progress, and the market should expect related press releases in the near future. User Recommendations We generally recommend including Infinium in a long list of an enterprise application selection for mid-market and low-end Tier 1 companies (with $100M-$2B in revenue) as well as for divisions of Fortune 1000 companies within the following industries: hospitality & gaming, transportation, healthcare, retail, process manufacturing, and financial services. Read More

The Rise of Price Management

New analytical software tools have recently emerged to combine and condense a wealth of information that should give the salesperson a more definitive "yes or no" answer fairly quickly when it comes to offering specific pricing, while also giving management a higher-level view of business efficiency and profit/loss drivers.

negotiations cessna  to help with pricing negotiations, in the cases where prices are negotiated rather than set. This provides an opportunity to drive margins based on real-time information from the field rather than on guesses. But to further cloud the realm of pricing, a complete business-to-business (B2B) pricing system poses large-scale strategic, tactical, and execution level questions that should eventually be answere. Strategic, or industry price level questions, should help managers understand how supply, demand, Read More

Service Level Agreements for Manufacturers and Software Vendors in the Supply Chain

Supply chains are very complex, as is discrete manufacturing and the software that addresses its needs. To ease the complexities, service level agreements are developed so that all parties involved remain on the same page and product delivery is facilitated.

negotiations cessna  above), in that when negotiations are taking place, both parties know what is expected of them so that business practices will not be compromised. How will communication between all parties take place? Channels of communication need to be established at the beginning of negotiations in order for all elements to fall into place. With regards to a software vendor-manufacturer relationship specifically, if this aspect is not established from the beginning, communication breakdowns will prolong Read More

The Blessing & Curse of SharePoint's "Grandma's Attic" - Part 3

Part 1 of this blog series analyzed the runaway success and genesis of Microsoft SharePoint or Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS). The article outlined the main reasons for the collaborative product’s widespread use and then analyzed its evolution. Part 2 talked about SharePoint’s typical proven use case scenarios as well as about the product’s shortcomings and points

negotiations cessna  easily, such as involved negotiations and collaborations, where participants (so-called “knowledge workers”) are actively controlling the process and affecting process flow on a case-by-case basis. Such processes are often dynamic and unpredictable, but still require process automation. Another major limitation of SharePoint has been the lack of a nifty visual user interface (UI) for its workflow engine. Microsoft needs to overcome this limitation in the near future, perhaps by more natively Read More

Quality Reassurance: How To Get What You Need from Acceptance Testing

Integrating a new system with your organization places new opportunities, and new risks, at the heart of your business. We look at the thinking and negotiation that shape acceptance testing, and how it influences your assessment of the new system.

negotiations cessna  out in the budget negotiations. Testing itself, however, produces no working deliverable. Instead, it produces information and intelligence about the product and the project. This information is valuable to both the supplier and the acquirer. As the acquirer, you should expect to see some of this information—and to get particular value from the test plan (including details of test work completed), and the ever-changing list of outstanding, known problems. You, as the bill payer, may also be involved in Read More


The mantra of most e-commerce ventures is usually “Change the way that business is done.” eSprocket thinks that the way business is done is just fine, thank you. Their goal is to enable instead of replace.

negotiations cessna  the kind of complex negotiations that offline buyers and sellers engage in. The technical heart of their approach is the Negotiation Table, a private environment that a prospective buyer and seller create for the purpose of negotiating. A Negotiation Table is like a souped-up, two-person combination of a chat room and forum, with other enhancements. The buyer and seller can meet at the table for a live discussion, or can leave messages for each other. The discussion thread can be bookmarked and, Read More

Business Objects Outguns Brio Technology in Patent Dispute

On September 13, Business Objects and Brio Technology announced that they had settled a patent infringement suit. Brio technology will be forced to pay an undisclosed sum to Business Objects, and to acknowledge the validity of Business Objects' U.S. patent.

negotiations cessna  a lever in product negotiations. Read More