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Advanced Meter Infrastructure: Composite Technologies to Meet New Demands in Sales and Customer Service
Traditionally, utilities have leveraged robust meter, network, and customer service infrastructures. These technologies served the needs of largely regulated

new communication technologies  while simultaneously adapting to new legislatively mandated market rules that require utilities to compete for customers on the open market. To address these challenges, the next generation of technology to be applied to metering and customer service infrastructures is known as advanced meter infrastructure (AMI) . Widely seen as a disruptive technology, AMI can be described as a set of inter - disciplinary composite-application technologies consuming enterprise services that are exposed by a Read More

Picture Archiving Communication Systems (PACS) for the Health Care Industry
PACS (Picture Archiving Communication System) manages the storage and display of digitized diagnostic images such as x-rays, CT Scans, and ultrasounds for use by radiologists and other clinician...
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Documents related to » new communication technologies

Cost-justifying Warehouse Management Technologies in Small and Midsized Warehouses
The warehouse management system (WMS) concept has matured into a collection of time-tested technologies that reduce inventory costs and increase overall

new communication technologies  self-checking, intelligent system enables new employees or temporary workers to work productively without extensive product knowledge. For the purpose of an example, we will assume that a company is shipping 250 orders (around 600 cartons) a day, pays an average of $10 per carton for freight and has fully-burdened labor costs of $20 an hour. In a manual or disconnected warehouse operation, typically it takes 30 keystrokes to ship a carton and update the host computer. If we multiply that by 600 cartons a Read More
B2B E-business in the Supply Chain: New Services and Technologies Require Companies to Reevaluate Their Strategies
IT groups aspire to standardize on common integration platforms, but the pressure to integrate with business partners quickly often forces companies to favor

new communication technologies  in the Supply Chain: New Services and Technologies Require Companies To Reevaluate Their Strategies B2B E-Business is also known as : Business to Business , B2B Portfolio , B2B E-Business Strategy , Adoption of B2B , B2B E-Business Service , B2B Technology Stack , B2B Gateways , B2B E-Business Infrastructure , B2B E-Business Roadmap , B2B E-Commerce Initiatives , B2B Projects , Achieve B2B Parity , B2B Integration Market , Using B2B Gateways , B2B Buyers and Sellers , B2B Connectivity , Existing B2B , Read More
Business Agility for Communication Service Providers: A Few Simple Steps Are a Great Way to Start
In today’s market, customers have no patience for companies that let their size and complex product lines slow them down. The challenge for communication

new communication technologies  In today's environment the new tenet is Agility Matters. The challenge for Communication Services Providers (CSPs) and other companies is to leverage their size and complex service offerings in ways that keep pace with the business velocity of their competitors. This can't be done without wringing out of your business process every inefficiency that exists. In addition, products and services must be more tailored to each customer's requirements which also puts a strain on all facets of the organization Read More
Future Trends in Wholesale Distribution—Part 3: Emergent and Emerging Technologies
This last post of the series on the panel discussion at the recent TEC Vendor Challenge gives an overview of several key emergent and emerging technologies that

new communication technologies  has resulted in a new mobile revolution. My colleague  Jorge García  has written a terrific piece on this, “ Mobility in Wholesale Distribution .” With devices now shifting more than ever before from the realm of the consumer to the business, wholesale distributors have an unprecedented opportunity to assess the potential use of mobile devices to increase labor utilization and productivity, increase data accuracy and efficiency, increase internal operational visibility, and, most importantly, give Read More
SatNav Technologies
SatNav Technologies provides solutions for navigation, facilities management, and telematics. Its products include a-mantra, a business infrastructure

new communication technologies   Read More
Foresight Technologies
Located in Golden, Colorado (US), Foresight Technologies was originally designed by a supply chain developer. It provides solutions for demand management

new communication technologies  budgeting and forecasting software,financial forecasting software,forecasting software,foresight benefits,foresight development,foresight management,foresight process,foresight research,foresight research solutions,foresight solutions,foresight systems,foresight technology,inventory forecasting software,knowledge management solutions,retail demand forecasting Read More
Tavant Technologies

new communication technologies   Read More
CenturyLink Technologies

new communication technologies   Read More
RedPrairie - New Name For A Brave New Value Proposition Paradigm Part Two: Market Impact
Only very recently has senior management begun to take a closer look at logistics, not only in terms of its costs, but also as a healthy contributor to their

new communication technologies  - New Name For A Brave New Value Proposition Paradigm Part Two: Market Impact Market Impact On November 8, RedPrairie Corporation ( www.redprairie.com , formerly McHugh Software International ), a provider of comprehensive supply chain execution (SCE) solutions including transportation, labor productivity and warehouse management, as well as supply chain visibility and collaboration solutions, released a new version of its warehouse management system (WMS), DLx Warehouse , containing the Read More
Credant Technologies

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Mindshare Technologies
Mindshare Technologies began as a two-employee operation and has expanded to serve brands throughout North America, Latin America, Asia, and Europe. It collects

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McLane Advanced Technologies
As part of the McLane Group of companies, McLane Advanced Technologies (MAT) is built on a tradition of excellence and innovation. CEO and founder, Drayton

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Intelex Technologies
pdg group 1221

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Credics Technologies
Since its establishment in 1999 by veterans in financial software, Credics has been in the forefront of the industry, creating and implementing transaction

new communication technologies   Read More
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