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The education industry (often referred to as the educational services industry) has grown exponentially over the last decade, as more and more organizations

new technologies in education  operated. The emergence of new technologies and changing student demographics is driving dramatic changes in the delivery of services by educational institutions—especially with respect to how learning information is created, delivered, and used. Read More
Product Development and Portfolio Management
The Product Development and Portfolio Management Knowledge Base covers the execution processes of new product development projects and programs, including phase-gate processes. It also addresses...
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Documents related to » new technologies in education

Streamlining Your Conversion to IFRS: Challenges, Choices, and Transformative Technologies
Transitioning to international financial reporting standards (IFRS) is more than just a mandate—it’s an opportunity for companies to improve their financial

new technologies in education  be assessed under the new rules. IT department - To help make the system changes required by IFRS adoption, IT experts must manage system configuration, identify sources for accounting data, and determine how it will be compiled and computed.   Reporting When you transition to IFRS, you cannot simply switch off local GAAP reporting at the close of one business day and turn on IFRS the next. Instead, you must support a transition period in which you produce parallel reports - complete financial reporting Read More
Interview with Michael McGrath, CEO, i2 Technologies
The former CEO and co-founder of PRTM is a keen observer of management cycles and philosophies. As he takes over the helm at i2, Michael McGrath talks about how

new technologies in education  So it's a whole new perspective to supply chain management and we are into the first couple of years of that new generation, and the education processes are taking place and the early adopters are having some successes with this, and that's the inflection point where we are at, and we expect a major thrust over the next two to three years around this new generation capability. SH: And how do you see this translating into a product strategy? MM: The product strategy is fundamentally built around a couple Read More
Trends in LMS
Companies and educational institutions use learning management systems (LMSs) to provide training and e-learning. With over 250 LMSs currently on the market

new technologies in education  the incorporation of many new features in the coming years. Author's Bio Don McIntosh has been involved with the development and management of learning for more than thirty years, with e-learning for more than twenty years, and with the evaluation of learning technologies for more than ten years. Mr. McIntosh is TEC's analyst responsible for learning management applications and is President of consulting firm, Trimeritus eLearning Solutions Inc. At the University of Guelph from 1972 to 1995, he was Read More
The People Factor: Accelerating Supply Chain Transformation Through Education
This article summarizes the findings from a study of why customers failed to attain the full value potential of their SCM projects. Most SCM projects continue

new technologies in education  closed loop process, and new business process tools gives users the power to define exception management policies which can only be as effective as the users' systemic understanding of supply chain cause and effect. These observations were substantiated in an internal study conducted by a leading SCM vendor as early as 2000. The goal of the study was to investigate why customers failed to attain the full value potential of their SCM projects. As part of the remedy, an innovative SCM concepts education Read More
Architecture-Centered Information Systems In The Manufacturing Domain - Part III - Steps in the Architecture Process
Architecture bridges the semantic gap between the requirements and software. Application software systems must be architected in order to deal with the current

new technologies in education  Centered Information Systems In The Manufacturing Domain - Part III - Steps in the Architecture Process Glen B. Alleman is associated with Niwot Ridge Consulting, www.niwotridge.com About This Note: This note is presented in five parts as follows: Introduction to Software Architecture The Architecture Process Steps in the Architecture Process Moving from Planning to Implementation Applying the Methodology Part III - Steps in the Architecture Process Without a framework for defining Read More
2011 HR Technology Conference & Expo (Day 1): What Happens in Vegas Shouldn’t Have to Stay in Vegas
Hundreds of industry experts have descended on Las Vegas for the 2011 HR Technology Conference @ Expo (and for other things, such as networking and maybe just a

new technologies in education   Read More
Best-in-class Marketers Drive Enhanced Customer Loyalty
The path to a complete view of the customer lies not in eliminating data sources but in integrating them and providing access that is easy to navigate and

new technologies in education  best-in-class customer relationship management,cross-channel customer loyalty,best-in-class cusotmer experience management,retail crm best practices,best-in-class customer loyalty,360-degree view of the customer,360 degree view of the customer,crm best practices,360 degree view,customer management relationship,retail best practices,business relationship management best practices,customer retention best practices,customer management crm,crm customer management Read More
Cronus Technologies Inc.

new technologies in education  Technologies Inc. Read More
Intronis Technologies

new technologies in education  Technologies Read More
Metadata Standards in the Marketplace - Why Do I Care? (And Where Does Godzilla Fit In?)
Metadata (“data about data”) is essential for data warehousing. Metadata standards allow different products to interact. Without standards, different vendors

new technologies in education  Standards in the Marketplace - Why Do I Care? (And Where Does Godzilla Fit In?) Metadata Standards in the Marketplace - Why Do I Care? (And Where Does Godzilla Fit In?) M. Reed and D. Geller - May 16, 2000 Overview Metadata ( data about data ) is essential for data warehousing. In order to populate a database, extract data, or run a report, more is required than simply raw data. The tools involved must also understand the context, or meaning, of the data. This is one of the purposes of metadata. Read More
Blue Lane Technologies, Inc

new technologies in education   Read More
Social Media in Your Supply Chain Keeps Everyone in the Loop
Social media is adding new value to cloud-based supply chain management for companies of all sizes. Internal social media (via Intranet) and external sites like

new technologies in education  key link in the new generation of cloud-based supply chains. Cloud-based supply chain management (SCM) platforms have been around for more than a decade now, although they haven't always been described as such. In recent years, though, this kind of software is starting to be built with social media capability as a central pillar. Companies with long supply chains that need to communicate with myriad partners across the globe are recognizing the unique contribution social media can make to the dynamic Read More
Duke Corporate Education (Duke CE)
Burdened by reporting and tax compliance issues with its legacy financials system, Duke Corporate Education (Duke CE) needed a replacement solution to support

new technologies in education  erp architecture,erp audit,erp axapta,erp checklist,erp compare,erp comparison,erp comparisons,erp consulting,erp demo,erp diagram,erp document,erp download,erp evaluation,erp implementations,erp market share Read More
KernSafe Technologies, Inc.

new technologies in education   Read More
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