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Documents related to » pittsburgh g20 protesters

Acquisition Places Descartes Before E-Transport
Descartes Systems Group announced a definitive agreement to purchase E-Transport, Inc., a logistics exchange solution provider based in Pittsburgh, PA.

PITTSBURGH G20 PROTESTERS: solution provider based in Pittsburgh, PA. Descartes plans to offer $80 million (USD) in stock to the privately-held E-Transport. E-Transport s Marketplace is an online B2B transportation marketplace for shippers, carriers, and intermediaries, described as a neutral switching station where trading partners from around the world can conduct business, but still use their preferred data format and transmission means. Market Impact Descartes is making a strong play for the B2B and B2C transportation

Autodesk Getting in to Point Cloud Technology » The TEC Blog
LLC , a small Pittsburgh, PA–based developer of software and solutions for collecting and processing LiDAR (light detection and ranging) point cloud data. The Allpoint Systems team and technology, which offers software and data processing solutions for collecting and processing LiDAR data to the roadway and building markets, will help Autodesk expand the development of cloud-based reality capture software and solutions. The acquisition of Allpoint Systems reflects Autodesk’s continued investment in

PITTSBURGH G20 PROTESTERS: 3D, alice labs, allpoint systems, AutoCAD, autodesk, CAD, Cloud, industry watch, lidar, plm, plm 360, reality capture software, realviz, simulation 360, TEC, Technology Evaluation, Technology Evaluation Centers, Technology Evaluation Centers Inc., blog, analyst, enterprise software, decision support.

Intraware Acquires Janus for its Extranets
Janus Technologies gets out of the (IT glass) house, hangs out at the eStorefront, and finds a new soulmate. Best of all, the company has a good chance to have a date with Commerce One. Sounds like a good idea to us.

PITTSBURGH G20 PROTESTERS: California offices to Janus Pittsburgh headquarters. However, we can t help but wonder why an IT portal would buy a software firm. Do they really need a professional services team? Is their development team going to be happy about being moved 3000 miles? (We doubt that Intraware will shift its essential developers from the West Coast to Pittsburgh.) There are some interesting synergies between Janus and Intraware - accessing Intraware s eCommerce capabilities and user base - but they aren t essential.

Global IT Evaluator Teams Up with Leading, National Consultancy to Help Businesses Compare Software Better
Access Enterprise Solutions (AES) and Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) announce the launch of a new alliance that will provide customer-centric,...

PITTSBURGH G20 PROTESTERS: Businesses Compare Software Better Pittsburgh, PA (PRWEB) July 14, 2005 Access Enterprise Solutions (AES) and Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) announce the launch of a new alliance that will provide customer-centric, locally focused, value-added business solutions for those seeking IT and ERP functional and technical expertise, supported by impartial analyst-vetted software selection assessments. Access Enterprise Solutions, LLC (AES) ( www.aesit.com ) and Technology Evaluation Centers Inc. (TEC) (

The Advanced Sourcing and Negotiation Benchmark Report
The Advanced Sourcing & Negotiation Benchmark Report. Download Technology Research Reports about The Advanced Sourcing & Negotiation Benchmark. The wave of e-sourcing that began a decade ago resembled a “crash diet:” it had an immediate and noticeable effect on enterprises. Today’s challenge is to develop new programs that can sustain the benefits of e-sourcing and “keep the weight off.” Find out how employing advanced sourcing strategies can help you positively impact product development cycles, build stronger supplier relationships, and make better decisions.

PITTSBURGH G20 PROTESTERS: CombineNet Fifteen 27th Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15222 (412) 471-8200 or info@combinenet.com www.combinenet.com Founded in 1972, SAP is the recognized leader in providing collaborative business solutions for all types of industries and for every major market. Serving more than 32,000 customers worldwide, SAP is the world s largest business software company and the world s third-largest independent software provider overall. We have a rich history of innovation and growth that has made us a true industry
1/19/2009 11:35:00 AM

Adonix Expands X3 And Its French Connection Part 1: Recent Announcements
While Adonix, until recently a quiet French ERP provider, may have the trumps to create more buzz internationally, the road to success will by no means be an easy ride.

PITTSBURGH G20 PROTESTERS: its US headquarters in Pittsburgh, PA, while not a well-known mid-market vendor globally, seems to be poised to change that situation in the near future. While the ERP market suffered generally throughout a dismal last few years, Adonix too felt a pinch of flat revenues but remained profitable. This was a notable feat, especially when the assimilation of acquisitions and an ambitious product development effort are combined with the difficult sales situation. The company continues to pour more than 20% of

Adonix Mid-Market FORMULA – Adopting Best of Both Organic Growers and Aggressive Consolidators Worlds
Adonix appears to be a force in the Southern European enterprise resource planning and supply chain management market since acquiring Gruppo FORMULA. There might be a greater buzz internationally, but the road to success might not be an easy Mediterranean sail.

PITTSBURGH G20 PROTESTERS: office locations are in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Tarrytown, New York. It has a direct presence in France, Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, Portugal, with resellers , system integrators , and consultants presence in Canada, Mexico, China, Holland, Morocco, South Africa, and Tunisia. With a network of 2,500 trained professionals, Adonix believes to be well positioned for delivery of crafted ERP solutions and services to the underserved Fortune 50,000 of mid-market companies, and to be experienced in

Will Adonix Provide A Warmer Home To CIMPRO?Part Two: Market Impact
Contrary to most peer vendors, which started their ERP applications in the manufacturing space, Adonix first established a strong presence and functionality in the distribution/logistics field. Its timely focus on distribution/supply chain execution (SCE) has proven to be wise and useful particularly these days, since it remains a fertile enterprise applications area.

PITTSBURGH G20 PROTESTERS: its US headquarters in Pittsburgh, PA, Adonix is still not a uniformly well-known mid-market global vendor. Adonix has lately been changing that situation though, by seemingly increasingly showing up on many mid-market application selection s radar screens. That has been particularly true for the North American market, which should remain an important revenue contributor in the future, given that in the US market, sales of Adonix X3 product doubled in 2001, with continued upbeat posture in 2002.This has

Demand-Driven Strategies for Complex Manufacturing
Your Challenge: Get Decision Makers' Approval for Demand-Driven Strategies. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-Bound. Many manufacturing companies have adopted or are considering the adoption of a demand-driven strategy. However, if you want to be demand-driven, you aren’t going to achieve it without adopting many of the tools, techniques, and principles that commonly reside within all of them. Some philosophies require a more intense re-engineering of processes and products than others. This paper addresses the various components and strategies for becoming a demand-driven organization, and how Cincom’s solutions can help you achieve that goal.

PITTSBURGH G20 PROTESTERS: 732-530-1313 Phoenix, AZ 480-775-5168 Pittsburgh, PA 724-242-0158 Santa Clara, CA 408-216-4607 St. Louis, MO 314-995-3800 Syracuse, NY 315-655-2680 CANADA Mississauga, Ontario 905-279-4220 Montreal, Quebec 514-866-8661 EUROPE Brussels, Belgium +32 2 679 68 40 Lyon, France +33 4 78 63 78 63 Paris, France +33 1 53 61 70 00 Schwalbach, Germany +49 6196 90 03 0 Stuttgart, Germany +49 711 787 11 0 Nieuwegein, Holland +31 30 60 360 36 Torino, Italy +39 011 5154 801 Monaco +377 93 10 01 20 Edinburgh, Scotland
4/29/2005 9:33:00 AM

A Traditional Local Touch Leader Espouses a More Global Vision
Rather than pursuing the usual route and writing our opinions and analyses of major market trends and then giving the pertinent vendors a chance for a factual review and feedback, we’ve done the opposite, and have asked different vendors about their opinions and their approaches to market trends. Sage is the most recent vendor to join this discussion.

PITTSBURGH G20 PROTESTERS: American operations located near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (US), Sage offers Sage ERP X3 (formerly Adonix X3 , www.sageERPx3.us ), an international enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution for midsized companies. The product targets midsized, competitive, and progressive companies that face the same business challenges as (and similar complexities to) Fortune 1000 ones, but that need more flexible and cost-effective, modern solutions to support their operations and growth. To that end, the Sage ERP X3

Adonix Grows Roots Against The OddsPart 1
Proving that a lack of size can be compensated with a savvy value proposition, Adonix, until recently a quiet French ERP provider, keeps on delivering pieces of its strategy to further establish itself internationally, despite a harsh and hostile environment.

PITTSBURGH G20 PROTESTERS: its US headquarters in Pittsburgh, PA, Adonix is not a uniformly well-known mid-market global vendor. Adonix has been changing that situation by increasingly showing up on many mid-market application selection s radar screens. That has been particularly true for the North American market, which should remain an important revenue contributor in the future, since the market accounts for about 20% of the company s total revenues with $9 million of the $45 million in global revenues recorded in 2001. While

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