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PROACTIS Source-to-contract and Purchase-to-pay Solutions Ruling the UK Public Sector
PROACTIS now helps more than 120 public sector organizations managing £15 billion of public sector spend in the UK and over 100,000 suppliers to streamline

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Web Content Management (WCM)
Web content management (WCM) systems manage content creation, review, and approval processes for web site content. This may include public Web sites (Internet) or private web sites (intranet or ext...
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Documents related to » ppra pakistan public procurement tenders

Procurement Outsourcing: 10 Things Companies Really Want to Know
Procurement Outsourcing: The 10 Things Companies Really Want to Know draws upon recent discussions with dozens of companies that are exploring outsourcing

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E-Procurement Energizes Energy
In the space of one week, three separate announcements paired E-procurement companies and energy companies in the creation of Internet marketplaces. Ariba

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Discovering and Creating Value in Procurement through Continuous Assessment and Innovation
Improvement is not simply an idea: it is a process. And processes without frameworks are recipes for underachievement, or worse, chaos. For this reason, value

ppra pakistan public procurement tenders  highly systematic in its approach; determine non-value-added activities; drive innovation in process execution; drive measurement on process goals and objectives; and have a good governance mechanism in place. Such an approach will help drive benefits such as improvements in supplier collaboration; consolidation of specific functions; optimization of supplier performance; reduction in procurement costs through efficient analysis; and improvement of customer satisfaction. Even though procurement Read More
Competuition: Teach Competition to Your Procurement Process
High-profile corporate scandal has resulted in laws such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, to monitor business practices. To help safeguard against unethical practices

ppra pakistan public procurement tenders  or immaterial (services) with appropriated funds, enabling all deemed responsible sources to compete in a fair and open environment. Competitive procurement is also known as FOC, or competitive solicitation . While procurement is supposed to bring fairness, impartiality, transparency, and suitability to corporate practices, a competitive procurement process will ensure the highest level of openness, thus maximizing the suitability of the requested assets or services, and the best return on investment Read More
First Look: Peregrine Offers Cradle to Grave Procurement
Peregrine's Get.Resources is an E-procurement system that contains features to manage the acquisition of capital assets and track their lifecycle costs. The

ppra pakistan public procurement tenders  target customers its TCO approach to asset procurement will be a major advantage over procurement vendors whose product features stop at the receiving dock. While the consumables in the lower left quadrant in Figure 1 account for a large number of corporate purchase orders, trackable assets may account for as much as four times the dollar volume. Thus, a product to manage these costs will have a ready and willing market. Peregrine claims to have customers who can achieve payback for the product in as Read More
E-Procurement in What Language?
PeopleSoft recently announced general availability of eProcurement 2.0. The latest release touts multi-language and multi-currency capabilities powered by XML

ppra pakistan public procurement tenders  taken a slightly different approach in comparison to its competitor SAP. SAP's mySAP.com has chosen to build and define their own marketplace based on existing clients. Through their Business Directory SAP intends to create its own exchange with connectivity to outside exchanges as a secondary objective. In contrast, PeopleSoft's eProcurement 2.0 is actively addressing and leveraging connectivity to external marketplaces. In the long term, this discussion is moot. Inevitably clients will demand Read More
Concur's Customers Can Network Now
Following the path of other E-procurement vendors, Concur announced a purchasing network for large companies. At the same time, Concur announced that its entire

ppra pakistan public procurement tenders  However unlike Ariba's tripartite approach, Concur's is simpler and part of a broader strategy of providing a .com service for such companies. The e-Commerce industry as a whole as only recently begun to recognize that most companies are in the small and mid-sized range, and Concur has a very compelling story to tell to these companies. User Recommendations Concur has removed what might have been a stumbling block to companies interested in its E-procurement solution. The evaluation can now focus on Read More
E*Trade Ignores Private Security Warning, But Public Hullaballoo Gets Response
E*Trade was notified about a cookie vulnerability in August, but the correction wasn't made until after the problem became public.

ppra pakistan public procurement tenders  a weak one. While appropriate for many sites this weak encryption seems to TEC and others as inappropriate for a site that enables large financial transactions. The problem is exacerbated by the existence of a well-known security vulnerability known as the cross site scripting attack. This technique allows a villain to get access to a cookie by planting an HTML link on an unrelated site. On Friday, September 22, approximately 30 days later, these vulnerabilities were made public by Mr. Baker via a Read More
Infinium and Elcom Walk Down ASP Aisle
Two companies that are redefining themselves for an ASP future enter into a partnership. Elcom’s eProcurement applications will be the first outsider in

ppra pakistan public procurement tenders  and see attitude is appropriate, to give Infinium a chance to learn how to best apply the Pecos product to your vertical. Infinium also needs to develop both technical and business experience in building marketplaces that support full integration of a customer's supply chain partners. Until then, make your purchase decisions solely on the basis of what can be delivered when you need it. Read More
Travel and Procurement: The Convergence
With the globalization of business, the rise of virtual offices, and an increase in traveling employees, travel and entertainment (T&E) spend is ever increasing

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Procurement: A Strategic Lever for Bottom-line Improvement
Companies are successfully realizing benefits from their procurement initiatives, and viewing procurement as an integral part of their overall corporate

ppra pakistan public procurement tenders  that fresh and creative approaches are needed to improve bottom line performance and maintain year-over-year corporate growth. How can companies most significantly impact their bottom line in the shortest amount of time? In a phrase: Hard Dollar Cost Reductions. For a company enjoying 10% profit margins, an overall cost reduction of as little as 5% can impact top line growth by 20%. While specific corporate results vary, the principle remains constant; saving money has a greater effect and requires fewer Read More
'Collaborative Commerce': ERP, CRM, e-Procurement, and SCM Unite! A Series Study
Now in 2001, the catchphrase is 'Collaborative Commerce', where we unite all of the elements of ERP, CRM, E-Procurement, and SCM into one coherent system within

ppra pakistan public procurement tenders  Inter-Enterprise Application Integration (IEAI) Appropriate security of company-critical information Today's Reality  C-Commerce is a tall task, indeed. Given that we haven't perfected the standalone CRM, ERP, e-Procurement, or Supply Chain Management functions, how can we possibly link them all together? We have some new inter-communication tools, such as XML, but XML is not the end-all, be-all solution. In its simple definition, XML gives users a way to represent their data in an Read More
E-Procurement Is Not Electronic Purchasing - Part II
Three minutes of labor from purchase requisition to invoice payment; fully executed due diligence; commitment authorization and no delays. That is the promise

ppra pakistan public procurement tenders  and accounting. It establishes approval and authorization routings that override or clarify normal budgeting processes. Where Project Accounting is employed, it also establishes the hierarchy of accounts that will be used to capture project costs. Project Structure services include: Expense items Capital items Cost Allocation Rules Purchase Contracting - establishes commitments and agreements between suppliers and buyers. Requisitions, Receipts, and Payments leverage Purchase Contract data to set up Read More
A Couple of
As is the case with white papers, vendors' press releases (PR) can range from blatant bragging about the

ppra pakistan public procurement tenders  (seemingly low hanging fruit) approach to cost reduction, only to find that their easy wins were not sustainable over time.  Top management thus needs to think strategically and work collectively to ensure meaningful, effective action. It is a well known fact that in good economic times companies focus on revenues (top line), whereas cutting costs (bottom line) is job number one in bad economic times. Accordingly, in the last economic downturn in the early 2000s, many companies rushed to cut costs, Read More

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