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Documents related to » procurement jobs uk

Rentable Procurement
Rightworks chose Exodus to host its on-line procurement solution. Rightworks plans to provide a service that outsources procurement solutions via the web.

PROCUREMENT JOBS UK: Rentable Procurement Rentable Procurement A. Turner - January 3, 2000 Read Comments Event Summary On November 29th, RightWorks announced plans to make its procurement solution available via the web. They chose Exodus Communications, Inc. (NSDAQ: EXDS) as an exclusive host. The new service will allow small to midsized businesses to benefit from RightWorks procurement applications without the additional investment of installing and maintaining an additional computer system. RightWorks 4 provides the tools

Software Evaluation, Selection, and Procurement
The statistics for completing packaged software implementation projects are grim. This article examines how the software evaluation, selection, and procurement process is key to successful software implementations.

PROCUREMENT JOBS UK: Software Evaluation, Selection, and Procurement Software Evaluation, Selection, and Procurement Paul Winandy - February 11, 2003 Read Comments Introduction A 1995 Standish Group research study based on over 8000 software implementation projects found that nearly one third of the projects were canceled before completion. And over 50% of the projects cost nearly twice their original estimates. The study further concluded that only 16% of all software projects are completed on time and on budget (only 9% for

Reduce IT Procurement Time And Risk
All one has to do to get with the best product at the best price is to identify every requirement, find a product that meets all of the criteria, negotiate the best price and get it all done before the product becomes obsolete or the supplier goes out of business. Many successful and not so successful selections have been made. Learn from those efforts and remove time and risk from your next selection.

PROCUREMENT JOBS UK: Reduce IT Procurement Time And Risk Reduce IT Procurement Time And Risk J. Dowling - March 12, 2001 Read Comments J. Dowling - March 12, 2001 Introduction   All one has to do to get the best product at the best price is to identify every requirement, find a product that meets all of the criteria, negotiate the best price and get it all done before the product becomes obsolete or the supplier goes out of business. Many successful and not so successful selections have been made. Learn from those efforts

Travel and Procurement: The Convergence
With the globalization of business, the rise of virtual offices, and an increase in traveling employees, travel and entertainment (T&E) spend is ever increasing. While business travel is considered a vital function and a cost of doing business, it’s not always seen as a category of spend that can be controlled and reduced. To efficiently manage T&E expenses, the procurement department must be involved. Find out why.

PROCUREMENT JOBS UK: manage T&E expenses, the procurement department must be involved. Find out why. Travel and Procurement: The Convergence style= border-width:0px; />   comments powered by Disqus Related Topics:   Accounting and Financial Management,   Budgeting,   Financial Planning,   and Analysis,   Multinational Accounting,   E-procurement and Requisitioning,   Travel Related Industries:   Manufacturing,   Finance and Insurance Source: Concur Technologies, Inc. Learn more about Concur Technologies, Inc. Rea
2/18/2008 7:21:00 PM

With New Clothes and Hairdo, Clarus Asks for Pin Money
Clarus Corporation, having unloaded all of its back-end software business, is asking the market to fund its new life as an E-procurement vendor.

PROCUREMENT JOBS UK: to solve its own procurement problems or plan to be a market maker, you want to be sure that Clarus can easily sign a large number of suppliers. In many industries, suppliers are not the most technically advanced companies, and these in particular are likely to be confused by the differences between the Clarus model and the more common one. To win wide acceptance, Clarus will have to persuade them not that the Clarus approach is better but that taking both the Clarus approach and one offered by a

New Dimensions in EC and SCM Part 2: The Efficiency Gains of E-Procurement
From point-and-click ordering using Web-based catalogs of individual suppliers, to marketplaces that bring together in one place the products or services offered by multiple suppliers, to live auctions that determine the lowest-price bidder — there is a wide range of new e-procurement methods and tools to help businesses buy goods and services better, faster, and cheaper.

PROCUREMENT JOBS UK: cost structure — making procurement strategy and execution a critical lever for effective supply chain operations and superior business profitability. Electronic commerce offers exciting new possibilities for businesses to improve their performance on this important upstream supply chain activity, both for indirect or support items and, increasingly, for materials that are direct components of the products and services that businesses make and sell. As in many areas of e-commerce, the wide variety of
1/4/2013 4:15:00 PM

SAP – A Humble Giant From The Reality Land?Part 3: Market Impact
SAP's decision to be more open and flexible was both wise and pragmatic. SAP now can afford to compete on a component per component basis, having basically reached its limit in capturing most of large customers in the market with an integrated product suite.

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Bank is First Mover in Canadian E-Commerce
TD Bank of Canada has entered into a partnership with Commerce One to create an E-purchasing marketplace in Canada. As the first such endeavor, the bank hopes to capture both mind- and marketshare before the inevitable competitors crowd in.

PROCUREMENT JOBS UK: is recognized expertise in procurement or technology. Of course, any commercial bank will have specialists in each of these areas as part of the teams it creates to evaluate loans and investments, but by engaging in this venture the bank is effectively commoditizing the E-procurement marketplace business. By using Commerce One for procurement expertise, and a variety of ERP vendors and technology integrators to supply technical expertise for back-end systems integration, the bank is showing that anyone

SAP Declares Victory Over Manugistics, Takes Aim at i2
On February 25 in Waltham, Massachusetts, SAP proclaimed itself the number two vendor of supply chain management solutions. Many in the room were openly skeptical, but does SAP have a case?

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Qurius UK Ltd

PROCUREMENT JOBS UK: Qurius UK markets, sells, installs and supports Microsoft Dynamics, specifically tailored for the Wholesale and Distribution Market, Recycling & Waste Management and Holiday Leisure Parks covering all operations for Local operating companies or Multi-nationals.

E-Procurement Energizes Energy
In the space of one week, three separate announcements paired E-procurement companies and energy companies in the creation of Internet marketplaces. Ariba, Commerce One and SAP paired with Chevron, Shell and Statoil.

PROCUREMENT JOBS UK: that directly affects the procurement software choice for any individual company (except one in the energy sector), the progress of all three developments bears watching. Each of the vendors will be tested by these developments. SAP will have to become much more open in its purchasing application that it has been; to attract a significant share of the market it will have to be able to work with companies that do not have or want SAP s ERP solutions. Ariba and Commerce One are going after the big time

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