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Documents related to » it project manager job description

Demystifying SAP Solution Manager
Many large organizations are struggling to manage all their software systems—let alone the different software versions across departments. In his article, TEC principal analyst P.J. Jakovljevic discusses how SAP Solution Manager, a unique offering for centralized support and system management, covers all aspects of system deployment, operations, and continuous improvement, to ease customer pain with their complex IT environment.

PROJECT MANAGER JOB DESCRIPTION: day-to-day management of any project within an SAP system. On a higher level, Solution Manager should perform the following functions: Document repository : a single place to keep requirements descriptions, technical specifications, and other Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF documents. Help desk : a tool that allows one to open a case, follow its status, insert a relevant documentation, close the case (one resolved), etc. This exceptions handling tool guides SAP’s staff and users in defining a model and the
10/27/2011 11:35:00 AM

CRM Application Users Are Key to Project Success
For a customer relationship management implementation to be successful, consulting firms, vendors, and users must pay attention to user training and change management.

PROJECT MANAGER JOB DESCRIPTION: Users Are Key to Project Success CRM Application Users Are Key to Project Success Kevin Ramesan - October 22, 2005 Read Comments The True Story Behind CRM Failure Many articles about customer resource management (CRM) project failure blame a gargantuan project scope or the software packages themselves. These are certainly among the many good reasons for those failures. However, I am more interested in the internal procedures that lead to some disastrous results. Companies are downplaying the true value

Technology Project Selection and Management in Community Banks
The way a bank selects, implements, and monitors a technological product significantly contributes to the final effect on the bank's environment.

PROJECT MANAGER JOB DESCRIPTION: Technology Project Selection and Management in Community Banks Technology Project Selection and Management in Community Banks Lynn Koller - July 11, 2000 Read Comments Lynn Koller is associated with Brintech, www.brintech.com Beat them or love them. It matters not. Vendors bombard financial institutions with advertisements for all sorts of software and hardware, often claiming to revolutionize some aspect of banking. Some products meet and exceed expectations. Other products plainly fail to do anything of

Do You Know What Are the Unintended Consequences of Your CRM Project?
CRM, in its most straightforward definition, mandates that a company harmonize between a product/brand view of its business and the all-important customer view. Many companies, hard as it is to believe, do not have a clear idea of who are their most profitable customers.

PROJECT MANAGER JOB DESCRIPTION: Consequences of Your CRM Project? Do You Know What Are the Unintended Consequences of Your CRM Project? Jim Mercante - November 25, 2004 Read Comments Do You Know What Are the Unintended Consequences of Your CRM Project? Jim Mercante - November 25, 2004 Originally published - March 22, 2003 Introduction All too often companies look at CRM as a project-oriented endeavor, focusing on time and budget measures as the primary metrics of success. This is especially true in organizations that are still driv

NetSuite OpenAir

PROJECT MANAGER JOB DESCRIPTION: NetSuite OpenAir software is a cloud-based professional services automation (PSA) solution, providing project-based businesses with project management, resource management, project accounting, and timesheet and expenses management capabilities.

RockySoft Inventory Management Suite

PROJECT MANAGER JOB DESCRIPTION: RockySoft's Web-based inventoy management modules for distribution and manufacturing include Active Inventory Manager, Demand Management, Demand Collaboration Portal, Economic Order Manager, Requirements Planner, Capable to Promise, Supplier Portal, and Vendor Managed Inventory.


PROJECT MANAGER JOB DESCRIPTION: MyWorkPLAN is a job management solution targeted at such sectors as mold, die, and tool makers; general mechanical companies; and engineering offices.

Solomon Stands the Test of Time Despite Changing MastersPart Four: Challenges and User Recommendations
Microsoft Business Solutions (MBS) announced the availability of Microsoft Business Solutions Solomon 5.5, which includes several new features and enhancements in the product's Foundation Series, Financial Series, Project Series and Service Series of modules. This part covers the vendor’s challenges and makes user recommendations.

PROJECT MANAGER JOB DESCRIPTION: Foundation Series, Financial Series, Project Series, and Service Series of modules. Naturally, the product has many weaknesses as well, albeit many of these may have come in handy to MBS to define MBS Solomon s sweet spot where it would hardly ever compete with its MBS brethren. Such is the fact that the product has very limited manufacturing and work-in-progress (WIP) tracking capabilities without adding a third-party application, where Axapta , Navision , and Great Plains will take a right of way.


PROJECT MANAGER JOB DESCRIPTION: CMiC is the leading provider of complete, integrated and advanced enterprise software solutions for construction and capital project firms.

Arena PLM

PROJECT MANAGER JOB DESCRIPTION: Arena PLM is delivered over the Internet as a secure service and facilitates outsourcing, operational efficiency, and time-to-market for product manufacturers of complex products, and global outsourced supply chains.

Mobilizing ChangePart Two: The Case for Action Method
The case for action is intended as a living document, to be updated and referenced by the business and the project team. It should be referenced during the implementation to ensure that the focus and anticipated outcomes are still on track. After implementation, it is a tool to use to assess the success of the project.

PROJECT MANAGER JOB DESCRIPTION: the rationale for the project at two levels—the strategic and the tactical. By focusing on both, you are better able to create a compelling argument for the initiative and better able to build a case for the different audiences. The general structure of a case for action workshop is as follows: Understand strategic issues Understand tactical/operational issues Brainstorm potential benefits, agree, and prioritise Gather specific information relating to the main benefits Strategic Issues We find that it

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