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Exact Faces Challenges
Exact Software faces significant challenges ranging from competitive challenges to user education, and product definition. Nonetheless, it is still a stalwart

strategic procurement challenges  January 912, explored Exact's strategic groups and global aspirations; and its BPM strategy and products. Part Five presented Exact's acquisition of Vanguard. Challenges Though it has notable strengths, Exact is not without hurdles. In addition to brutal competition from both above and below, the vendor has lower stature and brand recognition compared to its foes, Microsoft , and Sage . Exact also has a smaller channel because it has fewer resellers, and with revenue of close to $300 million (USD), its Read More

Enterprise Marketing Management (EMM)
The Enterprise Marketing Management (EMM) Knowledge Base research helps determine support levels of various systems that help companies market their services or products effectively an...
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Documents related to » strategic procurement challenges

Supplier Relationship Management: Benefits and Challenges
Properly implemented supplier relationship management solutions can help companies overcome some of today's business challenges by allowing them to restructure

strategic procurement challenges  and perhaps even at strategic alliance levels, while keeping some suppliers at the procurement relationship level. Figure 2. Strategic relationships in SRM. At its basic level, a purchasing transaction involves buying a product or service from a seller one time only and without any expectation of a repeat transaction. Buying items from a department store or gas at a gas station are examples of this type of transaction. The next level is where an expectation of repeat transactions and a resultant business Read More
The Challenges of the Lawson-Intentia Merger
The new company forged from Lawson and Intentia will have to carefully blend their different corporate cultures, which has traditionally been proud of in-house

strategic procurement challenges  analyzed the market impact. Strategic Alliances and Partnerships This brings us to the opportunity for new Lawson to enter into more strategic alliances with systems integrators (SIS), consultants, and resellers to benefit from the partners' resources, expertise and customer base. Traditionally, both Lawson and Intentia have been remiss to cultivate strategic relationships with system integrators that have also demonstrated vertical expertise. Yet, the main cause of Intentia's protracted losses is that Read More
New Dimensions in EC and SCM Part 1: The Benefits of E-Procurement
From point-and-click ordering using Web-based catalogs of individual suppliers, to marketplaces that bring together in one place the products or services

strategic procurement challenges  e-procurement and the important strategic and tactical choices that companies need to make in order to answer these questions and to take full advantage of new buy side e-commerce developments. This part explains the Benefits of e-procurement and includes examples of major corporations that are pursuing e-procurement. About This Article This article will appear on this site in five parts. Each part will contain links to the preceding parts. Part 2 will discuss the potential Efficiency Gains of e-procure Read More
First Look: Peregrine Offers Cradle to Grave Procurement
Peregrine's Get.Resources is an E-procurement system that contains features to manage the acquisition of capital assets and track their lifecycle costs. The

strategic procurement challenges  by acquisition or by strategic alliance involving significant equity investment. It seems safe to predict that with Peregrine's emphasis on Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), an early addition to the product or product suite will be some way for a company to realize revenue upon retirement of assets. This will most likely take the form of an auction-based marketplace. Get.Resources is implemented as a collection of server-side Java functions (servelets). These deliver pure HTML to the user's browser; no Read More
E-Procurement Is Not Electronic Purchasing - Part II
Three minutes of labor from purchase requisition to invoice payment; fully executed due diligence; commitment authorization and no delays. That is the promise

strategic procurement challenges  Procurement Is Not Electronic Purchasing - Part II E-Procurement Is Not Electronic Purchasing - Part I I J. Dowling, C. Sabean, and D. Geller - November 14, 2000 Introduction This second part of an extended note on e-procurement examines the necessary steps after a business decision to go with e-procurement has been made based on the information and criteria covered in Part I. E-procurement is an integrated system of services and technologies that provides a seamless bridge between buying and selling Read More
How to Navigate Today’s Supply Chain Challenges
Traditionally, enterprise resource planning (ERP) served as a system of record and managed common tasks, transactions, and disparate business processes across

strategic procurement challenges  ERP,Epicor,enterprise resource planning,supply chain management,SCM Read More
Strategic Profitability Management: an Opportunity for Finance Departments
In Strategic Profitability Management, you'll discover a better approach to profitability management one that allows you to...

strategic procurement challenges  the wrong customers. In Strategic Profitability Management , you'll discover a better approach to profitability management—one that allows you to achieve the widest possible margins align profit objectives with corporate strategy optimize your response to changing business and market conditions act on what-if scenarios identify and address the causes of under-performing or over-performing units or departments Learn how to effectively manage profitability by balancing your top line, bottom line, and Read More
Strategic Systems International
Strategic Systems International (SSI) provides software development services to software companies, information providers, business services firms, and

strategic procurement challenges  Systems International Strategic Systems International (SSI) provides software development services to software companies, information providers, business services firms, and consulting companies. Read More
Integrated Business Planning: Taking Strategic Planning to the Competitive Edge
Some managers have concluded that strategic planning is nothing more than an exercise in futility, to be taken out and dusted off at annual meetings. However

strategic procurement challenges  Business Planning: Taking Strategic Planning to the Competitive Edge Some managers have concluded that strategic planning is nothing more than an exercise in futility, to be taken out and dusted off at annual meetings. However, strategic planning can still help direct your company and improve earnings. The trick is strategizing well—which means having all the information you need, when you need it. Find out how to hone your competitive edge with integrated business planning capabilities. Read More
Working Toward Truly Strategic Partnerships
If good partnerships seem to be a rarity, true and lasting relationships that benefit both parties are downright unique. How to avoid a Barney relationship and

strategic procurement challenges  Toward Truly Strategic Partnerships Introduction You may not have heard the term, but the concept of Barney relationship brings the same image to everyone. I love you, you love me, and we dance off into the sunset together. But, so what? What does it really mean to either one of us? In a Barney relationship, the answer is that it means nothing: all fluff and no substance. Unfortunately, that is also a good description of most of the partnerships that are formed in our world of software Read More
Technology's Role in Strategic Human Resources
The human resources (HR) department can—and should—deliver contributions to the organization's bottom line. Through technologies and service providers, HR can

strategic procurement challenges  s Role in Strategic Human Resources The Imperative for Strategic Contribution Most chief executive officers (CEOs) are challenging their human resources (HR) departments to make more strategic contributions to the organization. With HR traditionally viewed as a cost center, it is often difficult to know precisely what that means. CEOs, who are focused on growth, earnings, and shareholder returns, want HR to support corporate business objectives and to have the necessary data to support business Read More
Credit Accounting Firm with E-procurement Initiative
Top accountant and auditor PricewaterhouseCoopers creates an E-purchasing marketplace and portal.

strategic procurement challenges  Accounting Firm with E-procurement Initiative Event Summary As a $17 billion company, privately held PricewaterhouseCoopers has tremendous leverage when it goes to the marketplace to make purchases. Now the company is offering to share that leverage by creating a purchasing consortium. Its new e.conomy marketplace will offer members the ability to purchase products, services, travel and software. It will also cover best practices, contract negotiation, and other content areas. The marketplace was lau Read More
How Bad Can It Get? Challenges in the Distribution Industry
Manufacturers serving such retail giants as Wal-Mart or Costco are exposed to severe challenges—not only because of the economies of scale these outlets demand,

strategic procurement challenges   Read More
Lean as a Response to Global Outsourcing Challenges
The recent trend of manufacturing companies in outsourcing their production tasks to other parts of the world has certainly been effective in reducing

strategic procurement challenges  goals Long-term business objectives; strategic vision Short-term business goals; quarter or year profit−based Ultimate business success calculation base Maximal value created for customer; minimal waste processes Maximal profit margin; minimal product cost Stance on business complexity Simplified business processes Complicated business processes Stance on improvement Continuous improvement process Discrete improvement projects Ultimate goal at the process level Elimination of waste and unnecessary Read More

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