Software Functionality Revealed in Detail
We’ve opened the hood on every major category of enterprise software. Learn about thousands of features and functions, and how enterprise software really works.
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User Recommendations for Project-oriented Software
Selecting the right project-oriented software may depend on the specific requirements of the industry niches in which an organization competes. But since not

technologically literate  these firms may be technologically savvy, the learning curve for a product such as BST Enterprise may be a bit of a challenge. In addition, these firms may not require all of the functionality typically used or required by a larger firm. BST Enterprise does not support any horizontal applications, including inventory management or service management. This is a deliberate and strategic decision by BST Global. It also does not currently support collections management, but will be introducing such an

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Software Functionality Revealed in Detail

We’ve opened the hood on every major category of enterprise software. Learn about thousands of features and functions, and how enterprise software really works.

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Visit the TEC store to compare leading software by functionality, so that you can make accurate and informed software purchasing decisions.

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Throw Away Your Financial Statements: Managing by Metrics

Analyzing static, detailed financial statements has been the modus operandi for hundreds of years. Because many business management systems can isolate and create graphics of key performance indicators (KPI), businesses should now concentrate on KPIs, which influence profitability.

technologically literate  it has not been technologically possible to do anything else., except process information, create invoices, pay invoices, pay employees, track costs, and generate financial statements at the end of the month. That's fine, but the problem is that financial reports are sometimes generated forty-five or more days after a fiscal period begins and the information they present must, out of necessity, start at the highest, most general level. If the results are below or even above expectations, additional Read More

Cincom Sticks to CONTROL of ETO and MRO Part 2: Market Impact

Cincom's latest product release covers many new bases, is architecturally adequate and remains a well-attuned offering for ETO and MRO enterprises. While it is a competitive product that will create buzz in its markets, the road to success is by no means guaranteed.

technologically literate  few years ago on technologically rejuvenating its product, while maintaining its customer base. More recently, the focus has also evolved to target collaborative e-Business and enhancements to the product centered around embedding workflow and messaging alerts (event management) to notify personnel based on defined business process parameters. To that end, the introduction of CONTROL TM , a Web-based ERP system provided a foundation for complex manufacturers to use the Internet as to embrace e-Business Read More

Federal Contract Management and Vendors' Readiness Part Three: Meeting Federal Requirements

Companies that are not already offering the capabilities of meeting the exacting, stringent requirements of federal agencies will likely not be able to tap the recent surge in the federal and defense markets. Conversely, those vendors and their users--government contractors--who can deliver comprehensive solutions that satisfy the requirements of federal agencies are in the driver's seat to capture that market segment.

technologically literate  time, the need to technologically modernize the product and concurrently provide smooth migrations to existing customers, while investing lots of research and development (R&D) funds in functional enhancements as to be ahead (or at least abreast) of the pack will be a significant challenge for a smaller vendor. Further, the broader enterprise asset management (EAM) and computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) applications continue to grab headlines as a realistic way to reduce expenses and Read More

Brave New World-Biometrics in HR

Human resources (HR) professionals often have to deal with errors in recording employees’ effectiveness while accomplishing their jobs. My colleague Ted Rohm gives an overview in this recent blog post of how biometrics can help with these HR challenges. He makes the case that biometrics technology is an option worth considering for certain aspects of business operations. As Ted mentions in his

technologically literate  departments are equipped both technologically and ethically to handle highly confidential data, why is it that biometrics may tread into uncomfortable territory? Even if heavily legislated by the government, biometrics in HR still feels a bit creepy. Surveillance Issues Most people can identify with issues related to having their actions monitored outside the workplace. Although punching in/out with a card or mobile phone the same way you would do on the subway or bus is not that much different than Read More

J.D. Edwards - A Collaboration Thought Leader Or A Disguised ERP Follower? Part 1: About J.D. Edwards

Like most of its peers, J.D. Edwards is hoping to rebound by focusing on Internet collaboration and extended-ERP applications. The company has also differentiated itself from competitors by embedding Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) into its OneWorld product. While J.D. Edwards' move into the EAI arena is indisputably risky, we commend its determination to bite the bullet and include integration systems into the core product offering. However, we also believe that managing this large application portfolio, much of which involves partnering or extensive integration and customization, will be cumbersome. Part 1 presents an overview

technologically literate  one of the most technologically advanced ERP products. The company has successfully transformed itself from a supplier of host-centric mainframe software into a supplier of open systems, which operate in multiple computing environments and are Java and HTML enabled. J.D. Edwards enables its Idea to Action concept (the name alludes to the ease with which customers can put their idea into action) with ActivEra, a collection of tools and technologies that extend J.D. Edwards' OneWorld and WorldSoftware ERP Read More

Architecture Evolution: Service-oriented Architecture versus Web Services

Collaboration and interoperability are critical where multiple business units reside under one larger corporation, or where there is a requirement to integrate the system into a disparate system when a business-to-business or business-to-consumer extension is part of the business model.

technologically literate  (Microsoft Windows). While such technologically laggard Microsoft-centric products can run on the latest Microsoft operating systems and database platforms, the aforementioned benefits of Web services are typically not easily achievable. Conclusion and Recommendations When a compelling new technology does appear, it is quite common for an enterprise application provider to surround its old ERP or accounting core software in a wrapper of newer technology, of which the goal is to effectively obfuscate Read More

Baan And SSA GT Merge To Form A Mid-Market Empire With An ''Iron Side'' Part Four: Market Impact Summary and User Recommendations

SSA GT has many times surprised even the biggest skeptics by turning around seemingly non-viable vantage products (which iBaan and Ironside certainly are not) and/or ailing vendors (which Baan has been, and Ironworks will have likely become).

technologically literate  of legacy applications. Less technologically aggressive global companies and/or their divisions that have been happy with their product instance's performance may be better off by staying with older BPCS instances or any former interBiz product for the time being. Nevertheless, not only MANMAN users will have to undergo thorough what if' scenarios' assessment such as, e.g., porting onto another platform, keeping the status quo, migrating to another SSA GT/Baan product, going for another ERP provider, Read More

Will V8 Help SSA GT Regain Lost Ground?

The vendor that many have long forgotten seems to be reincarnating. In order to return from oblivion SSA GT has been making strides to put itself back on the global enterprise applications map, primarily through salvaging the relationships with existing customers. Will the latest V8 product vouch for an (incredible) resurrection of a fallen ERP vendor?

technologically literate  sigh of relief. Less technologically aggressive companies may be better off by staying with BPCS for the time being. Nevertheless, remain alert and develop contingent plans for moving to a new technology. The best course of action at this stage would be to identify and approach your local SSA GT sales representative and vigorously negotiate assurances and a firm commitment to future service and support. Until the new product strategy, particularly within CRM and e-business, is crystal clear and has been Read More

Knowledge Management: The Core of Service Resolution Management

Businesses today need to demonstrate their value to customers by making information that is relevant to them accessible. Hence the need for knowledge management software, which helps companies segment and then distribute the information their customers want to know.

technologically literate  customer relationship management,CRM,knowledge management,KM,service resolution management,SRM,KM software,live assistance,call center agents,customer segmentation,customer service,Pareto’s 80/20 Rule,customer satisfaction,online self-service solutions,live support Read More

What On Earth Is Going On With SSA?

In order to avoid sinking into oblivion following its recent acquisition, System Software Associates (SSA) has recently made decisive moves to put itself back on the global enterprise business solutions map. Renaming itself as SSA Global Technologies in August was one of the moves. Will the market give it a second chance?

technologically literate  are, however, recommended. Less technologically aggressive companies may be better off by staying with SSA for a while. Nevertheless, be on high alert and develop medium- to long-term alternative plans for moving to a new technology. Identifying and approaching your local SSA sales representative and asking for assurances and firm commitment to future service and support would be the best course of action at this stage. Until the new product strategy, particularly within CRM, e-business and Internet Read More

Captured by Data

The benefits case for enterprise asset management (EAM) has been used to justify huge sums in EAM investment. But to understand this reasoning, it is necessary to explore how asset data can be used to further the aims of maintenance.

technologically literate  require more and more technologically advanced products, items come onto the market with limited test data in operational installations, further complicating the issues of maintenance design through data. The factors that decide the lengths that an RCM analyst should go to collect empirical data is driven by a combination of the perceived risk (probability X consequence), and of course the limitations set on maintenance policy design by commercial pressures. Even when all barriers are removed from the Read More

CRM Transformation and Innovation to take Organisations into 21st Century

Customer demand has pushed customer relationship management (CRM) business solutions to higher levels of technological innovation and integration resulting in more user-friendly and cost-effective solutions that deliver measurable results to both the users and the organization. In this paper we outline how CRM has matured both technologically and as a strategic business initiative to deliver organizational CRM success supported by real ROI.

technologically literate  CRM has matured both technologically and as a strategic business initiative to deliver organizational CRM success supported by real ROI. Read More

PeopleSoft Remains Rock-Hard And Economy Proof

PeopleSoft again exceeded Wall Street estimates in another stellar quarterly performance, with more than 100 new customers and with more than half the deals for multiple suites or products. Will the company bear well the brunt of becoming the new market darling, which inevitably brings increased scrutiny by many?

technologically literate  if PeopleSoft was that technologically advanced, it is only one of many other important considerations, and savvy users know well that the technology alone cannot resolve the intricacies of business processes. If the implementation takes much more doing than was hinted during the pre-sales discussion with company representatives, PeopleSoft might afterwards feel the wrath of disillusioned customers. No vendor is immune either to problem-plagued upgrades when they involve a quite complex application that i Read More

The Enterprise Applications 'Arms Race' To Be Number Three

Although their consolidation appetite is not diminishing by any means, some major acquisition protagonists like SSA Global and Infor seem to be showing signs of more deliberation and even restraint, rather than jumping the gun to indiscriminately gain market share.

technologically literate  off by many as technologically outdated has-beens. But in hindsight, there was at least some underlying method and consistency to these acquisitions: all the products were technologically similar (based either on Unix or IBM iSeries [ AS/400 ]); they were mostly aimed at related discrete and process manufacturing sectors; and they quickly became cash-generating businesses within SSA Global. On the other hand, with every acquisition, Infor has attempted to solve essential, industry-specific challenges Read More