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It Is Possible - SAP And Baan Strange Bedfellows
Baan keeps on showing us wonders are still possible. The OEM alliance with its nemesis SAP was all but inconceivable a year ago.

war protest chants  leading provider of business software solutions and Baan, the recently resurrected global provider of enterprise business solutions, have announced a strategic alliance that will enable Baan customers to integrate disparate software applications into the iBaan Portal . Under the terms of the alliance, technology from SAP Portals will be embedded within the iBaan Portal solution, and Baan will participate in the advisory board of SAP Portals. This development follows SAP Portals' recently announced Read More
Business Process Management (BPM)
Business process management (BPM) defines, enables, and manages the exchange of enterprise information through the semantics of a business process view, which involves employees, customers, part...
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Documents related to » war protest chants

The 'Joy' Of Enterprise Systems Implementations Part 1: Inexorable Statistics
We take the liberty to expand further on the findings of a report, which was recently released by a renowned research organization, and which pinpoints

war protest chants  Bracket Texas Instruments Tells War Stories At i2 Planet How Supply Chain Projects Morph Into Black Holes Although SAP brings complexity to mind, the bad news has not spared its direct competitors either. This was particularly true in cases of Nike and Hershey, where the leading supply chain management (SCM) and customer relationship management (CRM) vendors were also implicated in malfunctioning of the best-of-breed solution. The result was a free for all' finger pointing rage. What has generally not Read More
SAP Opens The ‘Miss Congeniality’ Contest
While SAP’s determination to become enterprise applications Web Esperanto evangelist is of paramount importance to its customers and for the general market

war protest chants  (see The Application Server War Escalates ). SAP's introduction of a Web Application Server is a noteworthy move, as it has long been the remaining major piece of the puzzle for its offering. The company has thereby made a major shift from providing 'points of integration' solutions through business applications programming interfaces (BAPIs) running over a proprietary remote procedure call (RPC) protocol called RFC (Remote Function Call) to providing a strategic integration platform for its customers, Read More
IFS Bucking the Trends - Part 2
Part 1 of this blog series analyzed the current upbeat state of affairs of IFS, a public business software company (listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange

war protest chants  of its recently bolstered war chest (including its strong balance sheet and low-interest loan facilities). IFS professes interest in acquiring profitable companies within its targeted industries and geographies, with well managed customer bases and recurring revenue from maintenance and support fees. These targeted companies should preferably be small and challenged in their ability to develop their product and expand their business internationally. Perhaps IFS has learned from its unsuccessful Read More
Wrapping Up FOSS Predictions for 2010 with a Look Back
I love end of year predictions. Whether they're right or wrong is one thing, but it's valuable to imagine various scenarios of what might happen. Taking the

war protest chants  blog post about the war being over corroborates Gartner's predictions in the areas of licensing models. Aslett also has a point about the overall market, he cites IDC's prediction that the open source software market would hit $8.1B (or grow at 22.4%) by 2013. Aslett makes an educated guess that this is still only 2% to 4% of the overall software market. Aslett's point is that in spite of the growth, there is still a long way to go for penetration. Our research shows demand for FOSS enterprise apps to be Read More
25% Less Learning Time? Find the Right Approach to Training
A key challenge in software implementation is getting the end users up to speed with a new system. Training just doesn’t seem to work—or is not fast enough. But

war protest chants  was developed during World War II (WWII) to help boost the production and productivity of the nation. They were dealing with bringing large numbers of unskilled people (women and those who had been unemployed during the Great Depression) into factories that hadn’t existed, making products that had just been invented. For example, the labor force in shipbuilding went from under 50,000 in 1939 to over 650,000 in 1943! This program developed an approach to training that was proven effective time and Read More
Lawson Software Means Business With PSA and IPO
By acquiring a leading PSA vendor and deciding to go public, in addition to the new functional and technological enhancements to its flagship lawson.insight

war protest chants  sessions in a project war room, and in many cases even work full-time on the implementation. In PSA implementations, client managers will likely serve only as sources of information and validation, but not as full-time team members. Therefore we anticipate PSA projects should have more of a turnkey approach. To that end, look for exceptionally strong reporting capabilities and end-user training within the product offerings. Existing Lawson customers should evaluate the Account4 platform as a way to add Read More
SmallSmartFast Organizations
At ChainLink we have talked a lot about the advent of SmallSmartFast technologies—ever-smaller and ever-smarter devices and software that is fast to implement

war protest chants  move from the Industrial/Cold War era of economies-of-scale to the twenty-first century era of economies-of-agility . Size Matters ( Small is Beautiful ) As any integrated circuit engineer will tell you, size matters. The relentless shrinking of semiconductor feature size has been the primary driving force in the seemingly never-ending, dramatic improvements to chip performance. The smaller the elements of the chip get, the faster, cheaper (per unit of performance) and the less power (per unit of Read More
Sit Customer Sit
Your customers' perception of your company is formed from the packages that arrive at their receiving dock. What do you think they perceive?

war protest chants  mistakes. How is your warehouse these days? I have been told these are hard times. Is that true for your company or your industry? If these are truly difficult times doesn't that mean every mistake costs you dearly? Doesn't that also mean each mistake costs your customer even more? You are probably asking yourself, how this article shifted to your warehouse so quickly. Think about it, a shipping error is magnified in economic downturns. Why? Because if your customers have been thinking of changing Read More
The Name and Ownership Change Roulette Wheel for Marcam Stops at SSA Global Part Six: Competition, Vendor, and User Recommendations
Customers and the marketplace may have forgotten who Marcam is and what it stands for. The new owner must, for that reason, communicate its successes and

war protest chants  also reveals the internecine war all the players face. Therefore, a pure process enterprise applications pioneer like Marcam does need to be able to further differentiate itself from increasing competition both from the larger players, particularly SAP , Oracle , PeopleSoft (through former J.D. Edwards ), Intentia, IFS , Ramco Systems , Geac, Adonix , and QAD , which have recently made significant in-roads in the relevant sectors. While many of the above traditional discrete ERP vendors have taken a Read More
The Cyber Defense Market
Acts of cyber aggression could lead to a cyber war or worse. Capitol Hill is giving attention to this security issue, and vendors are creating new offerings and

war protest chants  lead to a cyber war or worse. Capitol Hill is giving attention to this security issue, and vendors are creating new offerings and expanding existing programs—creating new opportunities in the defense industry and opening doors for new players. Learn more about the blurring between information security vendors servicing the private sector and those in the defense and intelligence industry. Read More
Where Has All the Service Gone?
For some reason, once a product moves into the retail channel, most manufacturers lose control. The retailer abdicates responsibility. When faced with a problem

war protest chants  more impact than the war with Iraq and esoteric issues. Recognizing this, Kerry aligned himself with the American worker, bewailing lost jobs and promising legislation to penalize companies that outsource. Laudable sentiments. Dramatic, when translated by press coverage. The reality is that controls in support of environmental issues, regulation, and legislation have created a situation where it is economically unviable to manufacture consumer goods in many geographies. Emerging economies, less concerned Read More
Bootcamp for the Pros; Why Ernst & Young Will Lead Security Auditing Standards
Original News & Educational ReviewCourse SummaryErnst & Young, has put together the quintessential course for security engineers looking to improve their

war protest chants  & Ernst after World War II. Founded in Cleveland, by Alwin & Theodore Ernst, Ernst & Ernst together with the Whinney firm, went through numerous other rocky mergers, one with a company named Arthur Young, before finally emerging as Ernst & Young in the early 1990s. Having withstood numerous legal battles, many successful and also failed acquisitions, today Ernst & Young has finally gotten its feet planted in a somewhat formidable and stable position. Like other big five accounting firms, in recent years, Read More
The SaaS Advantage
More providers of traditional software solutions are moving to software-as-a-service (SaaS) models that meet today’s competitive needs for agility and real-time

war protest chants  nuclear attacks. The Cold War ended without such a disaster, but today's IT world benefits from its legacy with a highly stable Internet. The protocol enables autonomous routers to talk to each other and figure out the best path between the messages starting point and where it is supposed to go. Sprint, Verizon, and Cogent supply daily traffic. If one goes down, traffic is balanced over the other two circuits automatically through Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) . Additionally, the Sprint and Verizon Read More
Oracle Loses Again
SAP AG has chosen SQL Server 7.0 as its strategic database for the Windows platform. The companies also will cooperate to make the Windows 2000 OS available as

war protest chants  system. The current price war between Oracle and Microsoft may have a bearing on decisions regarding databases. Oracle's current difficulties should provide customers with strong leverage to improve prices in software licensing, maintenance, and support. IBM's DB2 Universal Database and Microsoft's SQL Server 7.0 should also be considered. Read More
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